You know you are on safari when:

I have just returned from an epic safari in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Olduvai Gorge.  While the complete narrative of the past 8 days is still in the works, here are a few observations I jotted down.

You know you are on safari when:

1. One of your favorite pastimes is chasing down predatory and/or large birds

2. You play duck the dust in a safari vehicle

3. Pissing off large land mammals nearly results in the deaths of several members of your party

4. You belt out Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Avril Lavigne, and the Sound of Music inside a scene straight from the pages of National Geographic

5. Risking life and limb for the perfect photo is all in a day’s work

6. Dehydration and hunger make even the most mundane of tree stumps and termite mounds appear to be phantasmagoric beasts

7. Urinating on lion territory is exhilarating

8. Speaking Maa to a Maasai, or even just Swahili to a local will earn you tremendous respect and admiration from western tourists

9. You nearly freeze to death at night and seriously consider setting yourself on fire

10. You spontaneously combust during the day. Not really, but almost

11. The fundamental principle of off-roading in the Serengeti creates an adrenaline rush by itself. When it involves herding a gazelle purposely into the line-of-sight of two cheetahs, it results in temporary Tourette’s syndrome or mild paralysis

12. The words “Sasa ninamwamsha” are forever immortalized in a moment involving a stone, a sleeping male lion, and a veteran safari driver who just doesn’t give a damn about rules

13. Sending and receiving text messages in the middle of the Serengeti is seriously cool. The USA ain’t got nothin’ on Tanzania’s wireless technology

14. You eat better than you have in months, yet have no water to drink

15. You wonder why giraffes exist

Photos to come– bear with me, I have limited bandwidth.


One thought on “You know you are on safari when:

  1. I can’t wait to see the pictures!
    Ii seems like you are having too much fun!!! I am kind of jealous…. Make use of your stay in that wonderful island.

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