The Kiva Story

As a Kiva Fellow, part of my job is to share the stories of Kiva borrowers with Kiva lenders and the internet community. I interviewed three women in Kampala who had all borrowed from MCDT, a Kiva partner microfinance institution in Uganda. Their stories are compelling. In their own words, they describe how the micro-loans have made an impact on their lives, as well as those of their families.

Make a micro-loan on Kiva today to an entrepreneur like Adella, Deborah, or Florence.

Also check out Video Blog: The Story of Lini Nanyonga.


2 thoughts on “The Kiva Story

  1. Nila: I am totaly amazed….my husband was born in Zanzibar, however, brought up in Dar-Es-Salaam, which is also my hometown. I don’t if you are still there in Zanzibar…….I have been trying to get oud from Zanzibar for the longest time and haven’t found it anywhere… see it’s is specially made with agarwood sticks and perfume. I haven’t had the good fotune to visit Tanzania in 30 some years……so, I was wondering, if you are still there, if at all possible…..can you please send me some oud. I will pay you for it…..whichever way you want to ….if you have family in Canada/USA – I can send them the check. But I really, really, would love to get the Zanzibari oud. Please do let me now. Shabnum

    • Hello Shabnum, Sorry my response is so late! I have not been in Zanzibar since December 2010. I am in Nairobi currently and haven’t seen oud here. The same oud from Zanzibar is sold in Dar es Salaam. I’m sorry I could not be of more help!

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